Friday, September 20, 2019

Fruit Sorbets - A Sweet #FakeFoodFriday!

This week's #fakefoodfriday is a simple. sweet one!  This tray of sorbets were for a production of Don Giovanni.  Finding the plastic cups were the hardest part, and I don't remember where we got these (it's been over 3 years and I've slept some since then... sorry!).  We may have even found them in stock... ANYWAY.  The idea is relatively customizable to any ice cream/ sorbet type of dessert.  
Materials: DuPont Enerfoam, colored paper, insulation foam, fake fruits, spray primer, paint, tacky glue
Tools: PPE!, scissors, Olfa knife

To make these sorbets, we started by making some sorbet scoops out of DuPont Enerfoam.  It's very similar to Great Stuff! with the added bonus of a reusable nozzle/gun.  For those unfamiliar with both products, it's a foam sealant usually used to fill cracks.  USE CAUTION WHEN USING THESE PRODUCTS!  They are made with chemicals that are extremely bad for your health.  We used our spray room for adequate ventilation.  

To make the sorbet-like scoops, we made a bunch of blobs and then picked the 6 we liked the most.  They only needed to fill the opening of the glass.  You want to avoid making anything that is too thick with Enerfoam (or Great Stuff!) because it requires air to cure.  It is possible that the insides of thick globs of this kind of expanding foam will take a very very long time to cure fully.  It's also extremely sticky if you accidentally poke your finger into an uncured glob.  And, yes, I do speak from experience... WEAR GLOVES.

Inside each glass is a roll of colored paper.  We picked these three because it's what we had in stock, and could make paint to match.  When our globs were dry, we painted them (first with a spray primer so the paint would stick) and then acrylic.  

The blueberries and strawberries were from our stock, but the lemon slices are small pieces of foam, carved and painted.  We cut a small groove in those 'scoops' to accommodate the slices, and glued them in with tacky glue.

We stuck them on tray using Joe's Sticky Stuff and they were good to go!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Some More Light Apps - Another Quick #FakeFoodFriday

A follow up to last week's light apps, I have some more!

Disclaimer: as with last week, many of these use pre-made food items because sometimes it's easier, quicker, and smarter, to use something that's already done. Most of them were purchased from Barnard Ltd, which is now Display Fake Foods.  All of these were made for School For Lies at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in 2013.  Throwback!

Tomato and Cheese on Crackers
If I recall, these 'crackers' are actually fake wafer cookies, cut in half with texture added to the ends to look crumbly.  The cheese is white acrylic caulk.  The tomatoes are foam marshmallows, sliced and painted red, with a bit of yellow and orange detail painting for seeds.  They are topped with some plant bits for garnish.  (You may notice it's my go to.  Plant bits make great garnishes!!)

Watermelon and Cream Cheese
These little cubes are just insulation foam, coated with Sculpt or Coat and painted with acrylic paints.  The cream cheese is tiny styrofoam balls  cut in half, and also covered in Sculpt or Coat with some white paint and stuck on top of the cubes.  And yes, that is a little grass blade for garnish.  (Every time I see this picture I wonder what watermelon cubes with cream cheese balls would actually taste like... If you have experience with it, please let me know how they are.)

Fish Cups on Crackers
Though I think these would be 100% disgusting, they are pretty cute.  We bought the crackers and I made the cups out of Wonderflex scraps and painted them with acrylics.  The cheese balls are more of the same styro balls from above, covered in acrylic caulk and glued into the cups.  The cups are hot glued on, and as expected, the garnish is some plant bits glued on.  

Friday, September 6, 2019

Some Light Apps - An Easy #FakeFoodFriday

After a very accidental few weeks off, Fake Food Friday is back with some quick, light apps!

Disclaimer: many of these use pre-made food items because sometimes it's easier, quicker, and smarter, to use something that's already done. Most of them were purchased from Barnard Ltd, which is now Display Fake Foods.  All of these were made for School For Lies at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in 2013.  Throwback!

Cucumber and Cream Cheese

For these I took some bought cuc slices, some white acrylic caulk and sprinkled some moss pieces on top for a garnish.  

Bread and Cheese Pinwheels

These very simple pinwheels are two layers of fun foam for each color glued together and then cut into strips.  I then used spray glue to roll them up, and coated them with a bit of Scuplt or Coat for gloss and minimal texture.  They're topped off with some found plant bits for garnish.  

Shrimp on Toast

We found these shrimps in stock, so I couldn't tell you much about them, but they were probably resin and very hard.  I did make the toast, though.  It was just a hunk of bead foam, shaped into a small baguette shape, and then sliced.  I used acrylic paint straight onto the foam (cringe), and hot glued the shrimp to them.  The tomatoes are beads that I filled the holes with some hot glue and painted red.  They're also hot glued on, as well as the tiny green leaf garnish.  


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