Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cake Tutorials

Well, I promised to post some more information about how I did the piping on that little flower cake, so here it is! Special thanks to Meghan S. for her camerawork.

First, How to Prepare a Pastry Bag

Second, How to Pipe a Shell Border

Third, How to Make an Icing Rose

There is one more coming, I'll have it up as soon as technology allows. Enjoy!


  1. Have you tried lightweight spackling compound. It's sold at home depot under the name "fast and final." I've never used it in a piping bag, but it has almost the exact same consistency as buttercream frosting.

  2. My limited experience with the lightweight spackling compound is that it is somewhat brittle or crumbly when dry, so it isn't the best choice for icing something that is being handled roughly. I imagine, however, that it pipes very well because, as you said, the consistency is so similar to real frosting. I should give it a try with some samples. Thanks, Jesse.

  3. I use it on my fake cupcakes, but add about a tablespoon of acrylic paint per cup of spackle. It holds up pretty well(I've dropped a few:)~
    By the way, I'm lovin' this blog.

    p.s. Do you have any tips on piping "chocolate syrup" onto a cupcake? I want it to be in somewhat solid strings coming down the sides of my cupcakes...
    Amy from Texas

  4. Amy-

    Thanks for the tips on the lightweight spackle compound. I've also been asking around to some propsy friends, and I think I might be wrong. So, apologies to Jesse, the consensus is that lightweight spackling compound can be good frosting.

    As for chocolate syrup, I have a few ideas.

    1) Hot Pour Vinyl
    This is my go to product for anything that needs to look like shiny sauce. You can buy it at Burman Industries, or through make-your-own fishing worm suppliers.

    2) Brown puff-paint. It is available at craft stores, and dries shiny.

    3) Brown colored hot glue. I haven't used it, but a brief search indicates that you can buy it online.

    4)Regular hot glue, painted. I know, I know, acrylic paint doesn't stick to hot glue THAT well, but if the cupcakes aren't going to be handled, this will probably get you there in a pinch.

    I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes, or better yet, send photos!

  5. I found this via google, very helpful post, thanks!
    May I ask what material you're using for the frosting? (sorry if this is an obvious question), is it durable? and would it resist falling, for example?

    I'm trying to make some cupcakes, where the lower part is visible, do you have any tips for an easy and realistic base?

    Sorry for asking many questions, and any mistake in my english

    Very interesting blog by the way! regards

  6. I use latex acrylic caulk for the frosting. You can tint it with acrylic paint, or paint it after it is dry. It is very flexible and durable, I do think it would hold up to being dropped.

    As for your base, I would get some foil or paper cupcake cups and start there. You can fill them with foam (two part foam or Great Stuff) but keep them in the pan while filling them so that they don't lose their shape. If that doesn't work, you could carve upholstery foam, I suppose, if you wanted to see the 'cake'.

    Let me know how it goes, I'd love to see pictures. Good luck!

  7. I am having trouble with my spackling cracking, what I am doing wrong.

  8. I am wondering if some one has an alternative to spackle or lightweight spackle? it is not going well through my metal piping tips...thank you!



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