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Monday, August 2, 2010

Herring-Do Part 1- Candy Sticks

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Hey all! I've just returned from my summer gig and boy do I have some sweet fake sweets for you! The next several posts will be dedicated to the talented props artisans and apprentices of the Santa Fe Opera, and their sumptuous creations for our production of 'Albert Herring.' This opera is the story of a young, innocent man who comes of age during a rum-fueled night of debauchery following the Loxford May Festival and his crowning as May King.  Naturally, the picnic table at the May Festival is an operatic smorgasbord of delightful treats, but we also find a few faux edibles in the Herring family grocer's shop.  To start us off, we have some of the candy treats from the shop, a sweet little piece of set dressing on a grand wall of propliness.  These confections are the work of John Daugherty, a young man who volunteered in our shop after his hours in the Orchestra Services Dept.

These candy sticks are simply made, but oh-so-sweet! First, John cut some 3/8" dowel (painted white) down to 6" lengths, and lightly sanded the ends. Next, he used hot glue to attach varying types of ribbon to the dowels, spiraling each ribbon around the dowel to create the swirled look of the candy.

Once the candy sticks were decorated, John wrapped each one in cellophane, twisting the ends and using a bit of Scotch Tape to secure the wrapping.  Such a simple process for such adorable treats! The candies went into jars onstage, just one more finishing touch on the lovely set.

See how proud John is of his tasty treats? Hip Hip Huzzah!

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