Monday, February 14, 2011

Materials Monday- Jaxsan

So, today I'd like to do a little rave about one of my all time favorite products, Jaxsan 600. Before I start this article, I should mention that I am in no way affiliated with the fine people at Plastics Coating Corporation, I just love their stuff!   If you've spent any time around me in a prop shop, you've probably heard me refer to Jaxsan as 'the magic prop goo' or constantly suggest it for every type of project imaginable.  What makes it so great you say? Well, let me tell you!

Within this bucket lies magic beyond your imagination! Well, actually,magic in direct proportion to your imagination. Still, not too shabby.
 Jaxsan is a great coating. It can be troweled or brushed on (there is also a spray grade, but I haven't used that one yet.) You can thin it with water, tint it (with acrylic, Cal-Tints, etc.), and mix in textural materials like sawdust.  It will coat wood, metal, fabric, foam rubber, and insulation foam. When it dries (air cure) it is strong, flexible, waterproof, fire resistant, and paintable.  If you stipple it on, paint it black, and then hit the points with silver Rub n' Buff, it looks like cast iron. If you schmooey it onto microfoam and paint it, it looks like sliced meat (see the ham and beef photos below.)

Now, there are a few downsides. The stuff isn't cheap, but for small applications it goes a long way. Also, if you're trying to get a smooth finish, this might not be the stuff for you. It's got some texture on it's own, and you're not going to get a satiny finish with it. Once it's dry there's no sanding or carving possible.

Now, as Levar Burton used to say on 'Reading Rainbow,' you don't have to take my word for it. Laura Salvaggio over at Theater Helper has posted a good overview of Jaxsan 600. Click here to read it.
Also, the fine folks at Plastics Coating Corporation have a known history of sending samples to theater professionals.  They've figured out that we use it, even if they aren't entirely sure what we do with it.  You can visit their website by clicking here.

Where to buy it?  Well, you can buy it directly from the company, you can buy it from RoseBrand, or you can look around online- a few other places do carry it.

I have some examples of Jaxsan use in my fake food work below (you can click on the caption to see the full post if you like):


Strawberry Cream Cake ala JT

Sugared Pansy Cake ala Oona

Hammy Sammies

Roast Beef

 So how about you? What do you use Jaxsan for? Send photos!!!!  If I like the photos, I'll post them, and you can have the prestige of having your work displayed on a blog that is read by tens of people daily!

Happy Propping!

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  1. I love jaxsan too! However the one kind of gross downside to it- is that if it gets old(not a long shelf life) you begin to think your co workers have serious problems with acid reflux because it REALLY smells like vomit or bile! If you use it wgile it is still fresh-there are no problems.. We once used it to give texture to a fake wooden carved canoe, in which an actress hid for 10 minutes. She said it was horrible and there was really nothing we could do to take the smell away!



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